This kit is perfect for training partners or coach-and-student to train just about anywhere.


*Includes a Mittwork Video Course with Shane to learn how to properly hold mitts and make money doing it (Valued at over $200)


16oz. Leather Lace-Up Boxing Gloves
Our premium leather lace-up boxing glove is great for boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. With a soft, but supportive multi-layer padding in knuckles and wrist, these lace-ups are ideal for padwork, heavybag and partner drills.

Focus Mitts
Designed for comfort, wrist support, and minimizing impact to the mittholder's hands, this lightweight all-leather mitt (7.5 oz each) was created with the coach in mind. The half-ball grip situates nicely into the palm for maximum control, while the velcro hook-and-loop strap allows all sized hands to fit comfortably inside the mitt. Whether you're a coach or looking to train at home with a partner, our leather focus mitts will keep you and your students happy. 

Mittwork Training Kit

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